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Bliss Flower Boutique - Locherber Milano Malabar Pepper Diffuser 500ml - [Collection]

Locherber Milano Malabar Pepper Diffuser 500ml

Dhs. 490.00


  • Glass vase with Canaletto walnut cap
  • Fragrance reeds
  • Fragrance notes: Ginger, orange, bergamot, cinnamon, myrtle, geranium, black pepper, nutmeg, elemi, cypress, vetiver, patchouli, cedarwood
  • 500ml


Inspired by the Malabar Coast in India where the most precious pepper in the world is grown, this Locherber Milano diffuser enriches your living space with aromatic decadence. Topped with a handcrafted wooden cap, reflective of the brand's Ancient Rome influences, this elegant scent presents a heart of black pepper offset by ginger, bergamot, cinnamon and cedarwood. Place it in a hallway to welcome visitors with its warm and spicy notes.

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