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Bliss Flower Boutique - Locherber Milano Hejaz Incense Diffuser 250ml - [Collection]

Locherber Milano Hejaz Incense Diffuser 250ml

Dhs. 360.00


  • Hand-painted glass vase with Canaletto spray cap
  • Presented in a gift box
  • Fragrance notes: Cedar wood, birch, bergamot, gourd, incense, cypress, nutmeg, carnation, white musk, sandalwood, guajak wood, patchouli, pine wood 
  • 250ml


Gorgeous spice of oriental character with a woody touch. The aroma of Hejaz Incense develops with citrus-like tones (bergamot, birch, cedar) to the oriental heart with a balsam effect (gourd, incense, cypress, nutmeg) and dries in rich woody tones (sandalwood, cedar, pine, patchouli) this Locherber Milano reed diffuser enriches your living space with aromatic decadence. This elegant scent welcomes visitors with its warm and spicy notes.


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