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Fields of Wheat Fields of Wheat Fields of Wheat Fields of Wheat

Fields of Wheat

Dhs. 1,050.00

 BLISS is doing its part in the pursuit of global environmental sustainability!

Razan Al Azzouni designed the chicest limited edition reusable bags.

This bag has pampas grass, rhodanthe and quicksand roses!

Order yours before it's gone

Add the Amal Dumyé Doll:

Amal wears an elaborate 5 piece outfit, creating playtime moments that pay homage to the roots of the United Arab Emirates. Amal, meaning ‘hope’, is inspired by Emirati cultural dress. The under most layers are a peach colored cotton tunic, with a traditional Emirati breastplate marked in gold, paired with loose fitting pants and both trimmed in a beautiful gold lace. The outer Kandura is made with a baby pink netting and features a heavily embroidered custom Dumyé floral motif around the neckline. Shielding her face is a Burqa, traditionally worn for modesty and to distinguish married from unmarried women. Lastly is a luxurious coral pink head scarf with ornate gold trimming lays gently upon her head.

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