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Bliss & Encas have teamed up to create decedent gifts to sweeten your tooth with perfect layers of vegan and dairy-free deliciousness! These floral delicacies are inspired by Encas sweet treats such as rose-pistachio, orange-ginger, coconut-dark chocolate & peanut-caramel make the most unforgettable gifts. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or just because you feel like it, our artfully crafted gift packages will light up their day!

Delectable Dubai
From Dhs. 730.00
Gorgeous shades of pink and a purple and the perfect focal flowers make up this stunning bouquet delivered wit a beautiful bespoke bliss vase. For this time only going paired with an Encas - From Dubai with Love Edition - large Sweet Escape Box. Making it an amazing gift for...
Encas - From Dubai with Love Bliss Edition - Large Box
Dhs. 195.00
Bliss is offering to pair or just by itself an Encas - From Dubai with Love Edition - Large Box 4 flavors mixed box (pistachio/rose, orange/ginger, coconut/chocolate, peanuts/caramel) 36 mini raw bites Carré is a square indulgence mixing natural ingredients into three different layers: a crunchy biscuit base, a mouthwatering filling...
Alluring Abu Dhabi
From Dhs. 655.00
Light and airy pastels make up this luxurious hand-tied bouquet. Juliet Garden roses are a winner.  This stunning arrangement comes paired with a Encas - With Love from Dubai - large sweet escape box to complete the gift. Delivered in a beautiful bespoke Bliss vase this comes as a complete...
Bliss & Pierre Marcolini - Round Heart Box
Dhs. 200.00
  Bliss has collaborated with Pierre Marcolini to bring you their signature heart shaped chocolates. There’s a perfectly rounded heart to match any emotion. The classic raspberry version blends a dark chocolate ganache with raspberry pulp and lemon zest. Other unexpected heart-shaped delights include lemon, passion fruit, pistachio praline and salted...
Bliss & Pierre Marcolini - XL Box Découverte
Dhs. 390.00
  Bliss has collaborated with Pierre Marcolini to bring you their signature chocolate treats Ganaches, pralines, hearts, Grands Crus... all the emotion of chocolate in a beautiful gift box.   These sweet treats are the perfect match to go with any arrangement.    
Sold Out
Bliss & Pierre Marcolini - "Signature"
Dhs. 760.00
  Bliss has collaborated with Pierre Marcolini to bring you their signature chocolate treats   In the "Signature" gift box with three drawers it is packed with the iconic collections: the "Malline Découverte" collection, 36 "Pralinés Anciens d"Aujourd"hui" and 36 "Grands Crus" chocolate ganaches   A true gift for the one...

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