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Bliss & Encas have teamed up to create decedent gifts to sweeten your tooth with perfect layers of vegan and dairy-free deliciousness! These floral delicacies are inspired by Encas sweet treats such as rose-pistachio, orange-ginger, coconut-dark chocolate & peanut-caramel make the most unforgettable gifts. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or just because you feel like it, our artfully crafted gift packages will light up their day!

Sold Out
Sold Out
Delectable Dubai
From Dhs. 730.00
Gorgeous shades of pink and a purple and the perfect focal flowers make up this stunning bouquet delivered wit a beautiful bespoke bliss vase. For this time only going paired with an Encas - From Dubai with Love Edition - large Sweet Escape Box. Making it an amazing gift for...
Encas - From Dubai with Love Edition - Large Box
Dhs. 195.00
Bliss is offering to pair or just by itself an Encas - From Dubai with Love Edition - Large Box 4 flavors mixed box (pistachio/rose, orange/ginger, coconut/chocolate, peanuts/caramel) 36 mini raw bites Carré is a square indulgence mixing natural ingredients into three different layers: a crunchy biscuit base, a mouthwatering filling...
Alluring Abu Dhabi
From Dhs. 655.00
Light and airy pastels make up this luxurious hand-tied bouquet. Juliet Garden roses are a winner.  This stunning arrangement comes paired with a Encas - With Love from Dubai - large sweet escape box to complete the gift. Delivered in a beautiful bespoke Bliss vase this comes as a complete...

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