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Bliss Fragrance

Bliss Fragrance, sentenced candles to the next level by Bliss

“Bliss Flower Boutique has created a "Limited Edition" distinguished fragrance candle range to create a rich tapestry of scent throughout your home.

All our scents have been hand picked by our owner and creative Director Abbey Dean giving her personal touch to this luxurious product. These candles have been through a serious selection process and only the most compelling notes have been chosen to carry the honor to be a BLISS fragrance.

 Our candles are all handcrafted in the United Arab Emirates from a proprietary blend of purifying natural waxes. We use only healthy, ethically sourced all natural waxes blended for a clean, smooth burn.

We are truly convinced that this lovely and luminous range of sentenced candles will bring love and comfort to every occasion. Add the finishing touch to your home by decorating interiors with our refreshingly delicious scents. Our signature candles will be a treasurable addition to any flower arrangement or just to be given by its own.