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Top 20 Wedding Flowers for 2017
Urooj Goplani
Top 20 Wedding Flowers for 2017

You might have selected one of UAE’s best planners and secured one of the best photographers out there, but your ceremony, tablescapes and bouquet should be thoughtful–with carefully selected flowers that truly complement your unique style. When we meet our bride, we usually like to know her story first. We then present a concept based on her preferences. Throughout the wedding décor, we tell your story through our flowers.

Our goal in all our floral design is to honor the natural environment and take cues from all that surrounds us. We love to celebrate the lushness of a place by grabbing hold of its vibrant greens, or picking up the earth tones of the desert for example.

Location and juxtaposition create harmony and interest, so really, we are all about observing what is already there and making it more obvious or enhancing the senses whether its an outdoor location or the grand architecture of an indoor venue.

We have shortlisted some of what we think will be trending in 2017 as well as some classics that we prefer to work with. Certain flowers such as Gerbera daisies and stargazer lilies need to retire as wedding flowers.

We know our blooms (and the many species of them), and dare to think outside the box. For us, it is fun to work within a monochromatic palette to create lush sculptures.  

  1. Yves Piaget Roses
  2. Viburnum
  3. Hydrangea
  4. Protea (blushing bride and king)
  5. Anemone
  6. Ranunculus
  7. Hyacinths
  8. Campanula
  9. Foxglove
  10. Lily of the Valley
  11. Fritaralia
  12. Astilbe
  13. Sweet peas
  14. Iris
  15. Hellebores
  16. Lady slipper orchids
  17. Phaeleonopsis orchids
  18. Peonies
  19. Queen Anne’s lace
  20. Cymbidium orchids
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