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The ultimate recipe for a house flower arrangement
Urooj Goplani
The ultimate recipe for a house flower arrangement

Some people love fashion, some love decor, and some love food. And then you have flowers—that would be our love. What's a sure way of telling we are flower addicts? We could sit and stare at our shop display for days. So when a gorgeous addition like our recent summer collection comes through the door? Created by the hands of incredibly talented artisan no less? Our excitement went through the roof. You’ll see why when you see our summer collection. 

The summer months are the perfect time to find the opportunity to decorate a table or room with an over-flowing bouquet of flowers.  Whether filled with wild flowers or large peonies, it is fabulous to have so many varieties to choose from.  We styled ten bouquets that inspired us this season.  

So how do you style a coffee table with flowers for example? You select a tray. A tray provides a platform for you to consolidate and organize your favorite pieces and turn them into "objects of desire" You then pick 3 of your favorite books- preferably ones with eye catching titles and then insert a medium sized object with a lot of texture. Just so that everything doesn't look flat and "horizontal" you add a vertical tall piece maybe even a bell jar. Now for the most important part: select your favorite vase. We call them vases with a vision. 

In Dutch and Flemish 17th-century flower paintings, sumptuous bouquets were tucked into beautifully shaped glass vessels, classic terra-cotta urns or blue-and-white Chinese porcelain, a product of the lively trade with the East. Factories around Delft in the Netherlands developed a method of using tin-glazed earthenware to reproduce the look of blue-and-white porcelain from Kangxi in China, and Delftware vases inspired by Chinese originals were widely popular all over Europe. The Delft flower holders came in many shapes, such as tall baluster vases, urns and pyramids of varying heights with individual reservoirs ascending from a base. The pyramid and baluster vases often had spouts for individual flowers and were favored by Princess Mary, wife of Prince William II of Orange, for her beloved bouquets at Het Loo Palace. 

King Louis XIV's mistress, Madame de Montespan, preferred her flowers arranged in silver baskets and placed on the floor throughout the palace at Versailles. The more efficient-minded Gertrude Jekyll, one of England's most influential garden designers and an authority on floral decoration, bemoaned the impracticality of the tall trumpet-shape vases that were popular at the beginning of the 20th century and set about to design a series of plain glass vessels with wider bases to facilitate better water absorption. These simple vases, named Munstead Flower Glasses after Ms. Jekyll's famous garden, were a huge hit at the time.

Today there are a multitude of vases from which to choose. It is ideal to have a selection of vessels in various shapes and heights to accommodate different arrangements. Apart from traditional vases, a number of ordinary objects of everyday use can be pressed into service as flower vases. 

Whatever you choose to use as a vase, make sure it is the right proportion and color for the flowers. Except for tall flowering branches, a general rule of thumb is to make your flowers about 1½ times the height of the container. Just keep in mind that the arrangement shouldn't look top-heavy, as if it will topple over.

A footed vase is ideal. Use blush tones and flowers such as snow berries and blushing bride protea. With the snowberries create a foundation by crossing the stems down into the vase. Create a beautiful round and full structure with these berries. Add some snow on the mountain for contrast and some jasmine for fragrance. Cluster your proteas together into groupings. That will be the face of the arrangement. For height and gesture use a slightly taller variety of stems such as foxtail millet and northern sea oats. These varieties are all available at Bliss all summer long. 

Now that you have created an environment with the flowers and each object on the tray is telling a story, light a scented candle in the room. This lounge vignette must have some music. Our recommendation is you pick a violinist from the romantic or contemporary classic era. Our summer collection bouquets will serve as perfect house flowers. Our consultants can help you decide which vase goes best with your bouquet! 


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