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The Stylish Mama
Urooj Goplani
The Stylish Mama

The Ever so Stylish- Mama Hepburn


She is an Abu Dhabi based mama. She has always had an impeccable sense of style and is now sharing her tips via her instagram account. She says that styling has always been a hobby. She has always followed the trends. She loves to pair outfits together with the right accessories. She said ideas come to her head even when she is sitting in an office. These days she has her eyes on a Maxmara dress. She has plans to go Maxmara along with her accessories to put the entire look together. 


When we asked what her favorite colors are she said she loves pastel colors. Her favorite flower is white lilac the same flower that was used by Bliss to design her daughter’s wedding. These days she’s adding a few colors of her favorites. They are dark brown and burgundy.


We highly recommend her for styling consultations- whether its fashion or flowers. We love you and your style Emaan Bani Hashim. Her instagram handle is @mama.hepburn and we are sure it will blow you away.



Get well Soon my beloved cousin "Allami "


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