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The Meaning of Colors
Urooj Goplani
The Meaning of Colors

When selecting the right colors of flowers for a soiree or a gift, we are constantly wondering how the gesture will be perceived! Well, to end the guessing game, here is your go-to list of colors with meanings! Also, you can also now relate to certain aspects of your personality based on your favorite color 


White: Simplicity, cleanliness, calm, innocence, purity, silence, unspoiled

Red: Love, suffering, passion, courage, sultry

Yellow: Light, joy, spring glory, color of the sun, energy, growth strength, spring feeling

Pink: Softness, tenderness, koy, birth, subdued, romantic, good, sweet, innocent

Orange: Warmth, wealth, extrovert, Dutch royal family, strength, optimism, fun, sportsmanship, vitality

Purple: Passion, inventiveness, inspiration, originality and spirituality

Blue: Infinity, loyalty, sincerity, peace, clean, sadness

Magenta: Exhuberant, exciting, shocking, grateful, initiative 





shared valuable information of knowing the meaning of colors.

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