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NEWS — Abu Dhabi

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Urooj Goplani 2 Comments
Who is the fairest flower of them all?  A gift of flowers has long been a popular way to mark any wonderful occasion. And while everyone knows to gift pink peonies to their sweetheart, few may realize an entire language of flowers was created by the romantic early victorians. By attributing a unique definition to each flower, every bouquet deliv...
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5 Ways to Win With Mum This Year!

Urooj Goplani
“There is no love so lasting, so strong, so disinterested, so unselfish, so devoted as that first and purest of all loves, a mother's love” No matter how much we hurt and irritate and don’t appreciate our mothers, they still love us! They accept us for who we are even though we aren’t necessarily the best people we could be. A mother is someone...
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Memorable Mirbad

Urooj Goplani
Bliss was part of Mirbad again this year and we were marveled by the growth of this auspicious event. Maitha & Noora al Foulaithi and Maitha al Mehairbi were so involved with the entire event and of course when you put so much of yourself into any initiative you take, the result is phenomenal. Every vendor got a lit booth to display his or h...
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Wearable Art- A photoshoot at Bliss

Urooj Goplani
We had the pleasure of meeting the sophisticated lady behind Vivienne Morgan Millinery. Here's what she had to say about her floral experience at Bliss: Vivienne Morgan Millinery SS16 collection was inspired by English country garden festivals, and florals are the recurring theme throughout the collection. The collection includes a number of cro...
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Once upon a tulip

Urooj Goplani
"The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough" Most of us have read the old English folktale “the tulip fairies.” In this beautiful story a little fairy mother croons and rocks the flower like a cradle, where in each tulip cup lays a little baby fairy laughing and playing.  March is just around the corner and is a very specia...
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