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Memorable Mirbad
Urooj Goplani
Memorable Mirbad

Bliss was part of Mirbad again this year and we were marveled by the growth of this auspicious event. Maitha & Noora al Foulaithi and Maitha al Mehairbi were so involved with the entire event and of course when you put so much of yourself into any initiative you take, the result is phenomenal. Every vendor got a lit booth to display his or her product.

We had our cart all set up with one-of-a-kind bud vases, signature baskets and bouquets. The three days were busy but very exciting for Bliss. We got an opportunity to be part of the network and started numerous new bonds. On the final day of the event, we got a midnight phonecall from Maitha saying she loved our baskets and bouquets and wanted to take them home desperately!

After all of us got some rest, we were lucky to chat with Maitha and Noora about the entire concept and what it means to them.We asked them what Mirbad stands for and how they’ve seen it grow over the last four years and what their goals are for the future of Mirbad and this is what they said:

“Mirbad comes from Souk that existed in the Arab world several decades ago. The traditional seasonal market was not as we know it today. It was a lot more dynamic. It had vendors from all over the region. It wasn’t just a place where people sold products. It was a place where people came to display their talent; poets, artists came to show off their work. We wanted to use the same lovely concept but modernize it and that is why we chose this name over any other.


We, as individuals are part of the audience. We understand what products people want to buy and see friends and at the same time a venue that allows for this type of atmosphere to exist. We are part of this audience. And that’s what makes it popular. We understand their needs and go the extra mile to make them comfortable. We always chose a venue that is flexible and caters to our needs. Mirbad is a ladies only event.


All promotion of the event is on social media. We completely depend on snapchat and Insta to promote this. The first year we were a bigger group and we were not known as Mirbad. Our first first pop up was in our house on a much smaller scale. Therefore, there is a major differemce between the first and fourth. In the fourth an entire mall became Mirbad. We look forward to continuing what we do and making more and more events happen. We Increased the number of participants and charged a rental fee to cover costs. We just keep learning and growing.


We haven't set out our plan for next year because we usually have brain storming sessions where we gather and collaborate on ideas however we are looking into doing something mixed (for both genders) possibly as we get a lot of feedback from men who want to be part of our events. As for venue, we like to change locations and never have it set in a certain area but we really enjoyed doing it in Etihad towers and the crowd really loved it so we would be happy to work with them again in the future


We are constantly on the hunt for fashions designers, food businesses, homeware, florists etc. whether via Instagram or through word of mouth or even when we travel we keep in mind names of businesses that catch our attention and have an extensive database thus far. We like to promote new businesses each time but there are personal favorites of ours that have been with us since day one and will remain with us for as long as we go on. We won't be name dropping as we love all our participants but favorites u know who you are :p


We haven't yet planned our event for next year. We have lots of ideas for projects we certainly want to take on but we need to sit and turn those ideas into reality and when the time comes you will certainly know all about it.. Follow us on Instagram and snapcht by.mirbad and stay tuned! The one thing I think we all agree to do differently next year is to include a wider range of businesses I know no one will be complaining if we have more eateries for instance :) We learn from each event and we grow from every mistake. We take into account what our participants and guests have to say we listen closely to their feedback and we feel that's key in order to improve year by year.”


Bliss is so excited about next year. Our best sellers at Mirbad were our bouquets in our signature bags. Each day we created new styles. The peonies were a hit. People would stop by and touch the flowers and their favorite question was: “are these real?”

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