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Luxurious Flowers Hand Delivered

Urooj Goplani

Things only happen when we dream- Andree Putman

The launch of our new website was accompanied by a brand new webshop created solely for the e-shopper with distinguished taste. We have introduced several themed collections since the inception of our new online shop. Each collection is unique and tailored to the occasion. We call them "hand delivered" arrangements as they have the advantage of presenting shoppers with the precise items available for delivery on a same-day basis.

There is an entire thought process behind our online arrangements. As soon as a photoshoot is on schedule, our creative team brainstorms for colors, textures and are constantly on the lookout for unusual varieties that can be showcased in our arrangements. We then create about 10 looks for each photo session and impatiently wait for the outcome. Once our creative director approves all the looks and names these arrangements are ready to go live!!!

How does our webshop work? As soon as an order is placed with us it appears on our system. Our boutiques are well-stocked with all the flowers and vessels that are featured in the arrangements online. Our team of artisans starts to prepare these and once they’re ready our beautifully branded vans are loaded up and all set to deliver them.

To order online visit our webshop on Happy shopping!


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