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How to set the perfect table with the right stationery, flowers and more.
Urooj Goplani
How to set the perfect table with the right stationery, flowers and more.

The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace- Carlos Santana

Summer entertaining can be extremely pleasurable if you select the right props to set your table and plan a bit ahead. We have helpful tips for getting everything arranged, and your gorgeous table can guide you through everything from a relaxing brunch to a superb multicourse soiree! Well, just because this is a Bliss blog we will start with the flowers first. Seasonal flowers are the way to go. If you derive your color inspiration from the entire table from the flowers, your table will certainly look like a winner. Gorgeous peonies and hydrangeas are in full season during the summer. A bliss associate will definitely help with selecting the most “ripe” ones. Table runners are very overdone. We recommend using oversized vases in strategic places where they will not obstruct view of the guests sitting on the table. Ceramic vases look timeless and beautiful. Just focus on selecting a range of flowers that show off different tones of the same color. For example if you are using purples include everything from a pastel lavender tone in carnations to a deep, dark purple in calla lilies or hydrangea and even a silvery greenish-blue in thistle. This selection of flowers shows the full spectrum of purple colors, which is a great way to create a monochromatic arrangement that has a lot of depth and interest. Flowers placed in groups but spread throughout the vase look gorgeous.



Of course you will start with the plates. The spots where you add your plates around the table give your guests space to settle in and get comfy for an enjoyable meal. If you can, arrange plates a few inches from the edge of the table for maximum dining comfort. Want to make your plates pop? Decorative chargers will do the trick. To make it even more exciting and unpredictable alternate colors of your various plates. If you use your formal china, you might also want to choose a contrasting tablecloth or runner to highlight the china’s finish and pattern.


Ready for the utensils? Start circling the wagons – or, well, plates – with forks lined up on the left side of the plate. The traditional order for forks (if you have multiples for your meal) is to place the main-meal fork directly next to the dinner plate and the smaller salad fork to the left of it. With a traditional place setting, bread plates usually go above the forks, sort of at an angle to the left of the dinner plate, but they’re definitely not a necessity. If you want to introduce a bit more color or a special-occasion design to the table, unique or heirloom plates are a fun way to do it. If you’re planning on serving some sweet treats, you can place an extra dessert fork or spoon directly above each main plate stack so all your diners have an easy way to devour their delicious meal. Often, formal place settings may have the glasses arranged from the top right of the plate angled down toward the spoons, or the glassware may be arranged in a triangle, but feel free to keep things casual. Use brightly colored or hand-cut glassware pieces to add warmth. We recommend renting beautiful items from Jessica

Don’t forget to light a fragrant candle and put a beautiful napkin treatment. Napkin treatments can be as simple as one peony or rose bloom or even a lavender sprig can look just as impactful. Your guests will love you forever!


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