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How to be luxe and fresh at the same time
Urooj Goplani
How to be luxe and fresh at the same time

We wanted to look fancy yet forward-thinking. What makes the new Bliss collection stand out? Here are the top five contributing factors:

1. We'd had just about enough of the limitations that come with the heavily trending minimalistic design style over the past decade. Call it a refusal to the challenging plainness it brings to a space or an acceptance of the more exuberant, it is only a matter of time before you will see a major shift in the complete opposite direction. More and more people will follow suit, hence it makes all the more sense when looking to create a rich and unique floral look. You will notice a lot of maximalism in our new looks 


2. We wanted to become the epitome of detail-oriented. We have redefined our wrapping style and added a beautiful vessel to each look. Each look has a detail shot so you can get really close up with the flowers to understand the composition and thought that went into pairing the flowers!


3. When it comes to the evolution of floral design, lot has changed when it comes to more rigid, formal design practices. As now there are no set design traditions to follow. And instead of having a standard focal flower and accent flowers in your bouquet like everyone else does, why not be a bit more daring and different? Skip a classic round style bouquet and go for something more unusual, like an arm bouquet, something more forward facing that has flowers grouped in a style where some are placed to recess and others to protrude


4. Bright bright and more bright! In our quest to take inspiration from the outdoors and natural light, we found that brightening up our bouquets will be just in tune with the interior design trends taking a more environmentally-friendly approach. We incorporated a lot of warm and nature elements with earthen luxury in our moodboard for the new look.


5. We went even more green by adding boxwood and maidenhair to our living arrangements. The most noted floral design trend predictions of 2019, as some floral design forecasters believe that last year’s green obsession is still going strong. Decorating with textured plants and succulents is a great way to bring greenery to your home. And if you’re not a natural green thumb, opt for our home and contract services. We can take care of your plants and deliver fresh flowers each week! Our all new orchid looks are coming soon so be on the look out for them! 


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