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Five Reasons Why Every House Needs Flowers from Bliss
Urooj Goplani
Five Reasons Why Every House Needs Flowers from Bliss
"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." Albert Einstein
  1. Bouquets can boost your mood
    Vibrant, fresh cut flowers instantly improve your mood. People with fresh flowers in their homes are most likely to feel less worried and feel fewer periods of anxiety or depression. Seeing and smelling fresh flowers especially lilies or garden roses in your home will also boost positivity, energy and enthusiasm. We have the most unique selection of flowers! People who keep fresh flowers in their home are more likely to carry optimistic energy throughout their day and work life. Flowers with bold, saturated colours will have a bigger impact in boosting your energy levels.
  2. Flowers double as inspiring decor
    Flowers can easily take the place of boring everyday table décor. Coordinate bouquet colors with your space, or place a bright bouquet on a shabby old table to draw the eye and lend to a fresh new look that makes you feel good about your living space. They also make it easy to decorate for each season. Talk to our consultants about styling coffee tables and selecting vessels that suit your interiors.
  3. Fresh flowers refresh memories
    Smell is one of the most powerful senses and can trigger instant memories. A rose’s robust smell can fill a room with just one flower. Choose familiar bouquets that bring back fond memories of growing up in the country, taking a final bow on stage, or even those used on your wedding day.
  4. Flora edorses creativity                                                                           Fresh flowers have been shown to stimulate creativity while promoting concentration. Adding flowers and fresh plants to your child’s bedroom or play area will brighten the space as well as their growing imagination, while also encouraging responsibility. Put a vase at your desk because they can also spark your creativity while you’re at work. Bouquets are welcoming
  5. Flowers bring positive emotional feelings to those who enter a room. Place flowers in places visitors see, such as the foyer, living room and dining room. Flowers make the space more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere. And just think, every time you walk into or through your home, they will make you feel welcome and “at home”, too.


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