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7 Floral Scents to Wear and Fill your Home with this Summer
Urooj Goplani
7 Floral Scents to Wear and Fill your Home with this Summer

Say goodbye to the spicy woodsy fragrances of winter. Summer is definitely here and these are a few scents to up your fragrance game!


  1. Lily of the Valley- Someone who loves the finer things in life won't be able to resist this mild yet powerful scent. Delicate, white flowers shaped like pitchers turned upside-down with a clean bright profile


  1. Mock Orange- Exudes a citrusy fragrance. It's not your average floral, that's for certain. Wear it all summer as you go on adventures and spray it months later to take you right back


  1. Honeysuckle- Mouth-watering, heady fragrance. This evening perfume and the vine’s pale, tubular flowers is for the person who wears the fragrance always gets, then leaves, her paramour. 


  1. Gardenia- Buds shapedlike seashells unfurl into velvet soft flowers in the warmth and humidity of early evening. But it's the fragrance that captivates. Whether or not you have a trip booked to Italy this summer, gardenia makes you feel like you’re on a yacht in the Mediterranean before settling down to sunny nap



  1. Hyacinth- Be the center of attention when you wear this beautiful scent. Yes, it smells sweet, but also very bold and captivating.


  1. Peony- Very fresh floral note. Synthesized for giving a floral pairing to other notes, notably rose, in feminine fragrances. A bunch of peonies in a stylish vase is a definite crowd pleaser!



  1. Jasmine- Sparkling, zesty and sweet notes in this flower. Think of a Moroccan holiday full of delightful souk experiences and hours by the pool.


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