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How to Create a Perfect Bouquet

Urooj Goplani Bliss Flower Boutique Blog Dubai

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."

Have you ever wondered why flowers are used in social environments? There’s more to flower décor than acting as mere eye candy. Flowers definitely enhance an event by creating a warm, welcoming ambience among people attending the event. You’ll be surprised to know that flowers can have beneficial medicinal effects. Bluebells, for example, are known to release melatonin and ultimately help us achieve a good night’s sleep. To keep allergenic factors at bay and improve your lung and immune system, try scattering orange daisies around your home. In workplaces, it has been scientifically proven that flowers can enhance productivity and energy levels. We do arrangements for several corporations around the United Arab Emirates.

The best thing we do at Bliss is make gorgeous flowers and we are pretty good at designing events. Some of our team is great at building large installations; hanging heavy things from the ceiling of large spaces with airplane cables.

But at the core of all of our efforts seems to be the ability to put together beautiful things; and to share those things. We do this with flowers, obviously most of all. And specifically in the last 9 years, have built quite a business by doing this for weddings in collaboration with other event companies who create the fit out and we florally adorn the place. But this is not how we started. It all started by making simple posies for our clients at the Palm. We have truly perfect the art of creating a beautiful hand-tied bouquet. For a client who just walks in to our boutique it is a treat to watch this being made. Several of them then take the bouquet home and set it in their favorite vase. A lot of effort goes into cleaning the flowers are prepping and conditioning them to look pretty in our display. We put a lot of thought into color coordinating our display and making sure all the unusual flowers are placed strategically in a place that meets the viewers eye.

Here are some tips on how to create the most beautiful bouquet:

  1. Chose a leading flower and hold it in your left hand
  2. Select a different color and shape flower to sit on top of the first so that the stems are diagonally overlapping each other
  3. Continue to add flowers this way but keep the variety going. Each time you add a few stems turn the bouquet using your free hand so that you are aware of what’s happening at all angles. The stems will naturally form a twist and start to spiral. Any delicate flowers can be placed in the center so they are supported by the stronger stems around them
  4. Do not snap any heads off and carefully pull out some of the hidden ones.
  5. Cut the stems so that the bouquet measures about 70cm
  6. There is a fool proof method of making your bouquet less tight so it doesn’t look like you’ve throttled the poor florets: one final pull-up of the delicate flowers and foliage
  7. Let Emerson at Bliss create a bouquet for you. He makes the best ones.

On the back of each Bliss message card are care instructions. If you follow them carefully your bouquet will hold strong for quite a few days. You could also ask one of our florists for flower vitamins. The sugary granules really do help!

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