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Seasonal Swoon
Urooj Goplani
Seasonal Swoon

The sweet pea is one of our all-time favorites. Available in every color under the sun, they smell soooo sweet. Sweet peas have relatively shorter stems and look best just on their own in a teapot or a even a large urn (ceramic or zinc) tumbling out of the sides of the vessel.

Each blossom has one large, upright, roundish petal (banner or standard); two narrow side petals (wings); and two lower petals that are somewhat united, forming a boat-shaped structure (keel).

What’s so special about the sweet pea? Here’s a bit of a history lesson for you- The sweet pea is essential member of a late-Victorian garden. Victorians loved sweet peas for their coor diversity and fragrance. They would gather the flowers in the morning when the dew is still on them. This is when their scent is the sweetest.

How to take care of your sweet peas

  1. Keep your vase spick and span. No dirty water please!
  2. Chose a suitable sized vessel for them
  3. Always cold water
  4. Remove all packaging
  5. Cut a few centimeters off the stems always at an angle as it helps them drink better
  6. Allow the flowers to fall freely into the vase
  7. Position the vase away from direct heat or sunlight
  8. Keep an eye on water levels- refill them when they need to be refilled
  9. After a few days cut the stems and pull out wilting flowers
  10. When you are down to just a bunch of lovely floral survivors, please come back to Bliss

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