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Flower Fields, Blooming Flowers & Beautiful Sunsets

Urooj Goplani

We love Hamda Al Fahim's creations. Anything she does is pure genius. Bliss adorned her last event with some burgundy peonies and callas. Ever since then, an interview with her has been on our wish list. Finally, we got to chat with her about her brand new collection. She is a such a sweetheart! 


Q. Do you have a favorite flower? If so, which one? What kinds of flowers fascinate you the most?
My favorite flower is the peony but I'm really fascinated by all flowers their my biggest source of inspiration  and they really are all beautiful & unique in their own different way.

Q. For this collection what are the predominant colors you worked with?
Pastels, we worked with lavender in a couple of peices, peaches, melon & yellow & pistachio.

Q. How have you seen your brand grow in the last few years
Its been a steady gradual growth & i feel very grateful for it.

Q. What is a Hamda al fahim bride like?
Romantic, confident & oozes femininity & grace .

Q. What makes Hamda al fahim stand apart?
Every designer has is own way of telling a story through their design.. People
That have seen my collections evolve see that my signature attention to intricate details is always their & in my silhouette which really emphasizes a women's body in the right places while still keeping her elegant & graceful.

Q. What's your experience like with Bliss each time you order flowers?
Its been wonderful & such a joy dealing with bliss.

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