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Contract Flowers
Urooj Goplani
Contract Flowers

An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage. Jack Welch

We offer a full contract service throughout the UAE to restaurants and even corporate organizations. The challenge is to come up with something that suits the aesthetic of the area to be furnished and to come up with something new on a weekly basis. We have to keep our designs fresh while using flowers that will last all week. Vanda orchids are our favorite because they last so long. We like to play around with materials such steel grass to create arrangements that are visually pleasing but not stoic. We don’t want the flowers to look stiff or that we gave them a good beating to look the way they do!

How do we come up with something new every week? Well, we just play around with our favorites. It’s not rocket science, it is really about finding hardy flowers and “running with them” and so what if you add a Craspedia billy button or two or three? Sticking to odd numbers is a good point to start with.

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