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Lay it Flat
Urooj Goplani
Lay it Flat

“The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves, but in our attitude towards them” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

We all love to see things organized and in order, which is why, flat lay is such a popular trend and will maybe never go out of style. Any kind of flat lay whether it is fashion or food related can be elevated to another level by adding flowers. There are several ways to florally enhance your flat lay: by effortlessly bunching color coordinated blooms together or even just petals or dried leaves you collected on your morning walk. Anything like that looks like a million bucks.

One such example is of Karen McLean @secretsquirrelfood . She is a creative genius and cooks up the yummiest recipes ever. Anything she posts looks divine. She recently used flowers from Bliss to style two different photos. We asked her what inspires her to incorporate flowers in photos of her colorful recipes. She replied by saying: “Did you know my mum is a florist, back home in Australia? I actually grew up my whole life surrounded by flowers and this makes me so happy!!!”

Karen’s favorite flowers are tulips, hydrangeas and garden roses. She loves wild and garden flowers (we love them too Karen!) and her favorite colors are pink and purple.

The account @flatlays curates some of the best compositions, but some heavyweights like @margharet_zang and @flora.forager have garnered a following all on their own for their on-point flat lay photographs.

Tumblr has also played a major part in the flat lay trend. The Burning House, which asks “If your house was burning what would you take with you?” Our answer to that would be: Flowers, all our books where we get our inspiration from and maybe a vase or two!

Warning: this is not the last you have heard from us on flat lays! 

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