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Bliss à la carte Bouquets
Urooj Goplani
Bliss à la carte Bouquets

"Only do what your heart tells you"- Princess Diana


How do you make your bouquet stand out from the rest? The style of bridal bouquets has evolved over the years, from simple posies to cascading beauties finished with trailing ribbon. Nowadays all the brides coming to us want a less structured wedding day look. The key to making a gorgeous bouquet (any bouquet- not just bridal) is: FLOWER SELECTION. An assortment of different sizes and textures goes a LONG way. Our favorite flowers are seasonal flowers. For example these days lily of the valley is in season. It has the most petite bell-shaped flowers ideal for giving your bouquet a Kate Middleton look. An ideal bouquet would be comprised of Peonies, dahlias, hellebores, garden roses, astrantia, wild sweet peas and hints of lily of the valley.

We choose less voluminous flowers such as hydrangea as they take up too much room in the bouquet and wilt easily. We place the blooms into groups as it then makes it easier to compose our bouquet. Making a bouquet is like telling a story, you have too choose the right language to appeal the senses and make the bride cry tears of joy. We always pick a prominent flower- in most cases it the peony. The best bouquets have the least amount of bruising. We place them strategically where some are recessed and others protrude. We spiral the bouquet which prevents the stems from breaking.

After we are happy with the shape we cut the stems. The shape that is preferred the most these days cascades a bit towards the left and the right and the center is slightly more tailored and clean. We make sure some flowers are directly facing the bride’s audience. These look fab for pictures as well. The more delicate blooms are placed next to the ones with hardy stems for support.

There’s a plethora foliages that work best or just the leaves from the flowers that we use. For example the leaves of lily of the valley or even tulips make the most handsome bouquet.

Now that we have shared our bouquet secrets with you, we would also like to share bouquet holding techniques.

For cascading bouquets, (elongated or crescent shaped) the handle usually dictates the direction and the angle it should be held. These bouquets can have a tilted or straight handle and can be a bit trickier to handle as their size and weight aren’t as carefree and casual as the hand-tied variety.

Always remember: Shoulders back, stand up straight, keep your chin up, and don’t look at the floor. You are heading on a path toward the man of your dreams and you should look like it!


Holding it correctly for pictures is VERY important. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself (or your bridesmaids) if you look comfortable or feel awkward when your handling it. A few minutes of practice will go a long way before heading down the aisle with it. Practice makes perfect!

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