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Top 10 Flower Combinations for Mother's Day

Urooj Goplani

“When your mother asks, "Do you want a piece of advice?" it's a mere formality. It doesn't matter if you answer yes or no. You're going to get it anyway.” 
Erma Bombeck

Of course, our top recommendations are pretty pastel colors and sweet scents. Here are some show stopping combinations for you:

  1. Zingy lime Roses, lovely blue hyacinths, a sky blue hydrangea, a furry little succulent plant (which can be kept and replanted) along with an abundance of glossy pittosporum foliage.
  1. Deep pinks and soft plum toned ranunculus and the chic mothers always appreciate foliage! Matchpoint roses, vibrant magenta tulips, and cymbidium orchids sitting amongst deep green berried ivy foliage
  1. A wealth of yellow roses both large and small spray with springy green verdure, a succulent plant which can be re-potted and sweet, soft tulips.
  1. Lush creamy hydrangeas, large milky roses, delicate spray roses, bold orchid heads with a mixture of subtle foliage. All white and fresh- that’s how we like it.
  1. Pink tulips, moody blues roses, hydrangea and cymbidium orchids accented with foliage 
  1. All green bouquets. We can combine all different types of ferns and foliage to create a stunning bouquet for the moms with a green thumb!
  1. Madagascar Jasmine/ stephanotis- Its scent and delicate flowers aren’t just for weddings anymore!
  1. A large fluffy white hydrangea, airy fern and lush ivy is planted in a rustic terra cotta pot that is surrounded to sumptuous ribbon.
  1. White phalaenopsis orchids and assorted greenery with birch branches to complete the arrangement.
  2. Magnolia branches- yes this is an unusual pick but this is for the mother  who is bold and isn’t afraid to try new things and likes to listen to the music her children are listening to!

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