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For the Love of Flowers

Urooj Goplani

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” Pablo Picasso 


We recently met up with Ayang Cempaka. Ayang is a Dubai-based illustrator. Her work is absolutely wonderful. She seems almost as obsessed with flowers as we are! We discovered her when she started to follow us on Instagram (what an honor) Flowers are a predominant occurrence in all her creations. If you don’t believe us, check it our for yourself.


Flowers are one of the most predominant features in your work. Where do you get your inspiration?


You see natural objects such as animals and flowers in my works, and this is influenced by my love for them. Each flower has a meaning and that fascinates me.


Were you always attracted to flowers?

I spent my childhood around flowers. The nature and landscapes I saw back then were serene and peaceful. The rules of nature are like the circle of life: they repeat endlessly; there is life, hope and despair all at once.


Do you have particular flowers that you like to incorporate in your work?


My favourites are peony, hydrangea, cyclamen and daisies. These flowers represent beauty and happiness all at the same time.

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