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I'm sure she sells sea-shore shells
Urooj Goplani
I'm sure she sells sea-shore shells

But Charlie, don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted… He lived happily ever after”

Adelaidia Vega & Tim Hendrix- lobby butler and floor butler at the St Regis have beautiful smiles on all the time. They immediately won our heart by talking about the flowers in the lobby. We had a little “floral conversation” with them. They said “all the flowers from Bliss are amazing. Every single guest who walks in asks how Bliss does what they do. You know when a persons attention is on the focal table flowers instead of the focal table snacks first. This table, for every even adorns a brand new character. For example, SPG week and national day, there were unique and striking installations by Bliss."

Adelaidia’s personal favorite was the Valentine’s Day setup. “It was so… artistic”, she remarked. It’s not just the flowers but the entire installation and how each component is put together.” She said what she loves about the Bliss in-house florist team is they work very fast. Often, guests do not give them a twenty-four hour advance notice when they order flowers. All Bliss needs is fifteen minutes to whip up something gorgeous.

For the rooms, Tim said the red roses are the most popular. They also use pink and purple petals to adorn the beds. 

The best part about our meeting was they happily posed for us next to the arrangement. Thanks Adelaida and Tim. Bliss loves you back!

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