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Multi-faceted Wonders
Urooj Goplani
Multi-faceted Wonders

“Modernism is an optimistic process”

These geometric beauties are made in our very own production house. They were displayed at the Address Hotel Dubai Marina lobby and then again for Banyan Tree Al Wadi Ras Al Khaima last week for their lobby during the modern art exhibit. These are a very apt display of how we are constantly pushing boundaries and coming up with new ideas. We don’t just sell flowers for a living; we breathe flowers.

We define modern, as what is next but not necessarily futuristic. We have to research what is most popular and make it work for today. The current creative trends are going back to the artisanal way. When we look around us, we see the sky, the water and greenery. These are all places where you can have peace. In our world today, there is a need to go to somewhere where there is less information. Less makes you feel like you have more time. In our creations, we strive to have an element that you have not seen before. That reflects how we want our brand to be right now.

After these life size terrariums come out of the warehouse, Arnel starts to design the landscape. He lines the terrariums with potting soil, some pebbles and charcoal. He says they always start with shorter plants with interestingly shaped leaves in darker and more dramatic colors and works his way up in layers to the orchids and the more vibrant colors. The orchids need a separate kind of soil so they usually remain potted and are barely ever taken out of the pot. They pots are concealed very well with moss and the thicket of the landscape. Visually we try to create a pyramid shape with these plants so each one needs to be placed very strategically. We have to be very careful and not add too much moss as that can get smelly sometimes. The challenge is to keep the plants from reaching too far above the top of terrariums. Everything is watered with misty spray at the end and the walls of the terrarium are cleaned thoroughly.

Photo courtesy: Michael Lennon 

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