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Will you be my Valentine
Urooj Goplani
Will you be my Valentine

"There are chemists who spend their whole lives trying to find out what's in a lump of sugar. I want to know one thing. What is color?" Pablo Picasso


More than ever before, this Valentines, we were seeking out more seasonal flowers and building up relationships with our growers. This is an important core value to our business. We worked our fingers to the bone and pulled all-nighters all week to make the biggest flower day of the year happen. With the launch of our brand new website, our clients could place orders through this site. Our personal favorite and best seller was “amor” 

This smiley picture is of Noel our artisan based in the Palm boutique; he’s the jack of all trades. He’s got a wonderful sense of humor and an immaculate work ethic. We chatted with him a bit about Valentines Day and its festivities: For Noel, the trickiest thing, was timing. He says the most nerve–racking part was that the bouquets couldn’t be made too ahead of time because they had to look plump and fresh so it was difficult to make them all within a span of one day. He says that he saw a lot of familiar faces from last year. Single roses and dozen rose bouquets sold the most according to Noel. We asked Noel if he has a Valentine? He smiled.

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